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Energy Work For Animals

I believe energy healing sessions are imperative for all animals that are in relationships with people.

- Tammy Billups -


Animals are highly sensitive to emotional and physical stresses, energetic shifts and changes, and imbalances in their environment. Which can lead to the same blocks to well-being that humans experience.

The benefits of an energy work session for your animal companion can heal on the physical, mental, and emotional level  ⏤ behavioral changes, emotional distress, health and dietary concerns, trauma, illness, injury, and changes in family or home dynamics.

Energy healing for animals can be a powerful adjunct as well as a beneficial standalone treatment.

Because we are connected to our animals on a Soul level and share energy transference, healing together is the ideal solution to discovering and working on your soul agreements, and healing any other issues you are experiencing in tandem.

Transforming animal well-being with energetic therapy.

Animals don't believe or not believe in energy healing, they simply accept it.

- Joan Ranquet -


Animals are energetic beings and benefit from energy healing just as we do for physical, mental, and emotional issues.

Energy healing can help to ease stress, increase immunity, balance chakras, reduce pain, calm behaviors, and resolve many other issues.

Sessions are done remotely, and either virtually or by phone. After connecting energetically with your fur babe, I will tune into what they need most and then use a combination of modalities. The energy they receive is exactly what they require in that moment.

Animals are naturally attuned to subtle energies and will therefore sense something is happening. Most will fall asleep or go into deep relaxation. They may also start moving around the room, sit closer to you, or move away from you. Allow them the freedom to move around and adjust as needed.

Please be in a space where you will not be disturbed. Make sure they’ve had the opportunity to go potty, have a drink, and perhaps a snack too. Offer them a spot to be cozy and warm.

Be calm and relax. You will be receiving healing energies as well. Allow your fur babe to move around or fall asleep. It’s okay if you also fall asleep, perhaps set an alarm to wake at the end of our session.

Your fur babe may want to sleep after the session, allowing the energies to settle in and process. You will see positive shifts for days and weeks afterwards.

Each session builds upon the previous one. Sometimes one session will resolve simpler issues while several or on-going sessions are needed for more complex issues.