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Unlock Daily Healing Energies with The Vibe Pathway Membership

Having an aura cleanse was the best thing I ever did. It gets rid of all that debris of other people's energy that might be clinging onto you. You gotta get rid of that stuff.

- Lisa Newton -

The Vibe Pathway Membership

Join our monthly membership for a daily dose of energy healing.

Each morning, Melissa tunes into the group’s energy field. She first does an energy clearing and then tunes in to see what the group’s bodies are energetically needing that day ⎯ could be a vitamin, mineral, herb, emotion, color, sound, affirmation, anything!
All work is done as a group transmission. Everyone in the group will receive the energies directly. It’s a seamless experience where you can simply let the healing energies flow to you.
You also have the opportunity to include up to three family members or friends and give them access to the daily energy work for just $22 per month each. This way, they can also benefit from the healing power of these transmissions alongside you.

$88 | Primary Monthly Subscription

$22 | Add-On Monthly Subscription (Max 3)

Please note that direct communication with Melissa is not included with Membership.

Members enjoy exclusive discounts on private one-on-one sessions.


Energy healing, also known as energy medicine, is a broad term for modalities that encompass a variety of techniques that work on the body’s energy field. Energy healing is a natural method of raising the body’s own innate vibrational field to a higher level, which clears the blockages that contribute to imbalance and dis-ease.

Energy healing works on the principle that our physical body and life experiences are informed by the energies that exist in our energy field, and any imbalances or blocks in our energy field can contribute to emotional and physical challenges, limiting life patterns, and other discordant conditions.

Remote healing is energy healing sent at a distance, which can be explained by quantum physics. Non-locality, or entanglement phenomenon, is the ability of objects to know each other no matter how far apart they are. Einstein called it spooky action at a distance. So according to quantum entanglement, we can affect each other without being together.

That’s the beauty of remote healing, we are entangled by quantum non-locality and healing energies will reach you wherever you are.

On one level, energy healing works to clear out your energetic blueprint, this includes chakras, meridians, stagnant energies, and any other energetic debris. On a deeper level, energy healing works to release energies tied to early traumas, energies passed down your ancestral line, energies carried over from past life times, karmic pattern energies, limiting belief energies, energies of imbalance in the body, and any other energy which needs to be harmonized. Which leaves you on a more aligned path to live a happier and healthier life.

  • Remote clearing and healing work sent directly to your energy body
  • Save on private 1:1 sessions with Melissa
  • Monthly subscriber newsletter
  • Freebie clearings
  • Your subscription will be active from the month you purchase until you cancel

Daily transmissions are sent directly to your body. There is nothing for you to do.

Clients on the DAILY DOSE list have reported experiencing more calm and flow in their lives.