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Private Energy Session

deep insights and guidance for body, mind & Spirit wellbeing

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.

- Deepak Chopra -

Whether you’re feeling physically drained, emotionally overwhelmed, or spiritually disconnected, this 1:1 private energy session offers a space for you to explore the issues that are important to you. We will connect with your higher guidance to bring forth profound insights and clarity just for you.

Part energy clearing, part soul healing, part detective work, and part guidance… this session is for anyone ready to embrace positive change.

Through video or phone call, we will establish a strong energetic connection regardless of where you are in the world.

Using dowsing techniques, we will delve into your health, emotions, thoughts, relationships, work, and any other issues to uncover the root causes of your challenges and clear them energetically.

Private energy sessions can be a powerful tool for health, personal growth, self-discovery, healing, and spiritual development.

Embrace Clarity and Alignment with the Power of Spiritual Coaching and Higher-Self Connection

Intuitive guidance + dowsing + energy work + emotional healing + holistic coaching

What are some benefits of a Private Energy Session?

Gain Clarity ⎯ Uncover your true self and understand what truly matters to you.

Physical Health ⎯ Identity what your body is asking for.

Emotional Healing ⎯ Explore and heal emotional wounds.

Relationship Enhancement ⎯ Cultivate compassion and understanding and improve connections.

Personal Growth ⎯ Identify and overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns.

Connection with Higher Self ⎯ Access guidance from a deeper level of consciousness.

Manifestation Abilities ⎯ Align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your intentions.

Stress Reduction ⎯ Learn to quiet your mind chatter and reduce stress.

Support During Transitions ⎯ Guidance and support during challenging times.


With intuitive counseling, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your beliefs, and your life’s purpose. It helps you explore the underlying reasons for any challenges or patterns that may be holding you back.

Please make a list of the areas you want to work on. This will set an intention for our session and give us focus.

Sessions flow just like conversations. Just settle in and be aware of your feelings.


You may feel an immediate shift during the session, or the shift may unfold in the days afterwards.

At a minimum, you will feel clearer, more focused, and less stressed with a more positive outlook.

It all depends on your goal and the complexity of the challenge you want to work on. One session may be enough, or one session per week may be needed until your challenge resolves.

Spiritual Response Therapy is a process of uncovering and clearing deeply entrenched programs and subconscious beliefs that affect health, relationships, prosperity, productivity, and well-being.

Dowsing is a technique that allows us to tap into the subtle energetic realms beyond our normal perception. It helps us access information that may not be readily available to our physical senses alone. By using dowsing, we can bring unconscious or subconscious information to the surface to gain insight.

No, Spiritual Response Therapy is a healing technique that accesses our inherent spiritual connectedness. You just need to have an open mind.

An energy clearing is a gentle yet powerful way to release subtle energies accumulated in your field over your lifetime due to emotional stress, trauma, unresolved issues, other people, and places. Clearing such energies allows your energy system to rebalance, making way for overall wellness.