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Animal Wellness Consultation

Creating a harmonious environment, inside and out, for your pet’s Wellbeing

Allow yourself to move forward with the best for your dog and cat. Be open-minded, because when we're not, it stops us from evolving to where we need to go to be able to do better for our animals and ourselves.

- Karen Rosenfeld -

An empowered pet parent understands that our pets are not just animals; they are valued members of our families who deserve the same level of love, care, and attention that we give to ourselves and our human loved ones. By embracing this mindset, you become an advocate for your pets’ health and happiness.

Animal Wellness Consultations encompass an assessment of your animal’s health, including physical condition, behavior, diet, lifestyle, and environment; considering any imbalances present, their unique needs and preferences, and your goals. 

Collaboratively we’ll tailor a holistic wellness plan aimed at guiding them back to equilibrium; drawing upon dietary recommendations, lifestyle modifications, herbal supplementation, environmental enrichment, and therapeutic practices.

Enhance your pet's vitality with a comprehensive and compassionate holistic animal health and nutrition consultation

Feeding a bowl of dry kibble is like eating a bowl of dry cereal. How would your body feel if the only thing you ever consumed was dry cereal that had a synthetic vitamin/mineral mix added in? While that might be considered a complete diet containing all the vitamins and minerals needed for survival, it most certainly would not result in vibrant health. Yet this is exactly what 95% of the population is feeding their pets.

- Dr. Judy Morgan -

What are the benefits of an Animal Wellness Consultation?

Enhanced Health ⎯ Discuss your pet’s current health status and any concerns you may have. 

Improved Partnership ⎯  Dive into understanding their behavior and patterns, allowing you to develop a deeper connection with them.

Behavioral Guidance ⎯ Address any behavioral challenges or issues that may be affecting your pet’s well-being or causing stress in your household.

Holistic Approach ⎯ From nutrition to natural remedies to lifestyle adjustments, learn holistic tools for health and wellness.

Confidence As A Pet Parent ⎯ One of the most significant benefits of our consultation is empowering you as a confident and knowledgeable advocate for your animal companion.


Pet parents who:

  • want to take control of their fur babe’s health & wellbeing

  • are committed and have an open mind

  • are willing to confront their own limiting beliefs

  • are open to understanding how their own health and energy impacts their animal
  • are open to changing their animal’s environment, lifestyle, and diet
  • want to learn holistic strategies and remedies

  • make routine visits to their primary care veterinarian
Pet parents who:

  • are not willing to commit
  • only want a quick fix
  • are not open to understanding how their own lifestyle impacts their animal
  • don’t have an open mind
  • have an oncology patient and have not consulted with the appropriate professional care
  • have a sick or unwell animal, or medical emergency ⏤ please contact your primary care veterinarian or nearest emergency care