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Space Clearing For Home & Business

bring energetic balance to your space for a harmonious sanctuary

Periodic energetic clearing of the spaces where you spend most of your time is essential to your health and wellbeing.

Whether it’s your home or office, the energy within these spaces can impact your mood, relationships, productivity, and overall wellness. If you’ve been feeling stuck, drained, or simply not at ease in your surroundings, a space clearing could be just what you need.

Space clearing is giving your immediate environment a deep cleanse, removing any lingering non-beneficial energies that have accumulated over time. Just like vacuuming removes dust and dirt from your home, space clearing helps clear out old thoughts, feelings, and emotions that may be lingering in your environment. It also helps to remove any energetic debris left behind by previous occupants or visitors. Think of it as a way to create a fresh and revitalized energy in your space.

As part of our space clearing service, we use dowsing techniques to identify and address any hidden detrimental energies known as Geopathic Stress that may be present within your space.

In our sessions, we utilize a variety of clearing techniques to help release blockages and promote healing. These techniques include energy work, muscle testing, dowsing, sound therapy, crystal healing, BioGeometry tools, and the use of an ECO laser. By incorporating these different methods, we can create a holistic approach to balance your space.

old energy out. new energy in.

Your home or business may need an energetic clearing if:

  • you plan to sell, have been unable to sell, or have recently moved in
  • you are reluctant to go into certain rooms or areas within the space
  • the energy/vibe feels off to you
  • you don’t like to spend time in the space
  • you have recurrent negative thoughts or feelings in the space
  • you want to improve relationships with the other people in the space, or with neighbors
  • you recently experienced a major life change
  • family members are experiencing similar health challenges
  • it’s a high-stress, emotionally-charged environment
  • you want to increase productivity, workflow, and overall positivity

A general space clearing is designed to raise the vibe of a space and the people in it, by clearing the stressed energy of people past and present that has built up over time. Personal clearings for each individual and animal residing in the space or for the principal owners of a business are included, to ensure that everyone aligns with the newly balanced energy. This service comes with the option of either a 15-minute follow-up phone conversation or emailed report.

A comprehensive space clearing includes the above plus a dowsed investigation and healing of the geopathic stress and detrimental energies affecting the space and its occupants. We will need a detailed floor plan of the location including all levels of the home or business. This service comes with the option of either a 30-minute follow-up phone conversation or emailed report.

Our space clearing services are provided remotely. Please keep in mind that fees may vary depending on additional investigational time needed due to the scope of your project.


Once you submit a blueprint or floor plan of your space, I use a few tools and modalities to help me locate areas of stressed energy and then I clear or re-harmonize them.

With each space clearing session, I ensure that every individual residing in the space receives personal clearings. This process harmonizes and aligns their energy with the newly balanced energy of the space.

Any traumatic or emotionally-charged event can leave it’s imprint in a space. You also carry energies back home with you from work, school, or day-to-day life. Your space also accumulates energies from electronics, appliances, EMF’s, and even energies that are emitted from the Earth.

Some signs include that you feel good away from home but not so good when you return. Arguments may be occurring more frequently at home, you’re having trouble sleeping, or pets have started to behave oddly out of the blue.

Most clearings are done remotely, but some cases may require clearing work to be done in-person.

Since the energy work will be done remotely, there is nothing extra for you to do. But you may wish to set an intention for the clearing to help anchor positive energy. 

Feel free to clean if you feel inspired to do so. It’s possible that once we harmonize any stressed energies, you may find yourself more inclined to tidy up your space.

On average, a typical remote space clearing session usually takes around 2 to 3 hours. However, the duration may vary depending on the number and complexity of energetic disturbances present in the space. Some clearings can be resolved relatively quickly, while others might require more time and attention due to their stickiness.

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