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Discover the power of holistic wellbeing and energy healing for animals and their humans

Working Together

Holistic Offerings For People, Pets & Spaces

A wellness consultation for you or your pet is an opportunity to assess and understand overall well-being. Consultations include assessment of health and any imbalances present, with the focus on restoring balance and optimizing overall health and wellness.

  • Full wellness consults include assessment + holistic wellness plan + three check-ins.
  • Abbreviated wellness consults include recommendations for one specific concern + two check-ins.
  • Express follow-ups are 15-20 minutes.
  • Wellness chats are 45 minutes.
  • One person or pet per consultation please.

$444 | Full Wellness Consultation

$222 | Abbreviated Wellness Consultation

$55 | Express Follow-Up (Prior Clients)

$111 | Wellness Chat Only (No Plan/Follow-Up)

Full Details:  People Consults  |  Animal Consults

Wellness Consultation: A comprehensive assessment of your well-being, including medical history, lifestyle, nutrition, and mental and emotional conditions.

Convenience meets transformation. Fully-remote energy work sessions are conveniently done using your photo or your pet’s photo, with no need to coordinate a time.

  • Deep-dive sessions are designed to address multiple areas of focus and cater to your individual needs.
  • Essential clearings provide a general clearing of the auric field and energy body. 
  • A single-focus mini session targets one specific issue/problem/symptom of your choosing to be worked on.

$222 | Deep-Dive Energy Work

$111 |  Essential Energy Clearing

$55 | Single-Focus Mini Session

Full Details:  Energy Work People  |  Energy Work Animals

Energy Work - Remote energy clearing and healing, restoring balance in the body's energetic systems.

Daily RX provides daily energy clearing, healing, and balancing for a person or pet experiencing an acute or critical issue.

  • These mini-sessions are fully-remote and do not include a report or feedback.
  • Your daily energy work will target one acute or critical issue of your choosing.
  • Each week receive 6 customized mini-sessions with 1 day set aside for integration.

$133 | 1 Week

$233 | 2 Weeks

$333 | 1 Month

Full Details:  Daily Rx

Daily intensive energy clearing and healing for acute and critical conditions

{Clear Low Energies And Rebalance}

A C.L.E.A.R™️ subscription provides ongoing energy clearing and balancing for continuous energy field maintenance. Choose a subscription for yourself, your business, or both. 

This is a monthly subscription that will continue until you choose to make changes or cancel.

$44/Month | Weekly Personal Clearings

$88/Month | Weekly Business Clearings

$111/Month | Weekly Personal + Business Clearings

Full Details:  C.L.E.A.R. Subscriptions

Clear Vibes™️ monthly subscription brings you a positive difference mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Elevate your well-being and embrace transformation today!

Part energy clearing, part soul healing, part detective work, and part guidance, this 1:1 private energy session provides a space for you to dive into your issues in real-time with Melissa.

All modalities are at your disposal for a bespoke experience.

$288 | 60 Minutes

$144 | 30 Minutes

Full Details:  Private Energy Session

Holistic Dowsing- Experience remote distance online healing sessions focused on emotional, mental, and relationship issues. Gain spiritual guidance, release negative patterns, and align with your path for long-term healing.

A general space clearing is designed to raise the vibe of a space and the people in it, by clearing the stressed, dense energies that have built up over time. Personal clearings for the individuals residing in the space are included.

A comprehensive space clearing includes the above plus a dowsed investigation and healing of the geopathic stress and detrimental energies affecting the space.

Pricing is for a typical family home or small business. Please request quote for larger or multiple spaces.

$555 | Comprehensive Space Clearing

$333 | General Space + Family Clearing

Full Details:  Space Clearing

All sales are final and non-refundable.

We kindly ask for 48-hour notification of needing to change your appointment, or appointment is forfeited.

From the date of purchase, you have one year to redeem. After that, a new purchase is required.

If you’re unsure of which service to choose, Melissa can dowse on which, if any, offering is your best fit.

At this time, please message us directly to book services. Online scheduling is coming soon.