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Energy Work For Animals

energetic support and comfort for your animal companion

I believe energy healing sessions are imperative for all animals that are in relationships with people.

- Tammy Billups -

Animals are highly sensitive to emotional and physical stresses, energetic shifts and changes, and imbalances in their environment. Which can lead to the same blocks to health and well-being that humans experience.

The benefits of an energy work session for your animal companion can heal physical, mental, and emotional challenges  ⏤ behavioral changes, emotional distress, health and dietary concerns, trauma, illness, injury, and changes in family or home dynamics.

Energy work for animals can be a powerful adjunct as well as a beneficial standalone treatment.

Since we are energetically connected to our animals and experience energy transference, healing together is a holistic way to discover and heal issues you are experiencing in tandem.

Transforming your animal's health and well-being with energy healing.

During an essential energy clearing session, we lovingly release any lingering heavy energies that they may still be carrying from their past experiences, as well as any energies absorbed from other pets, people, and places. This gentle clearing process brings them back into balance. Your pet will experience a sense of relief and renewed vitality after the session.If you’re looking for a fast and impactful solution to address a particular topic, problem, or symptom in your life, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination.

If you need quick and effective energy work to address one specific problem, issue, or symptom, book a single-focus mini session.

A deep-dive energy work session can offer assistance in addressing deep-rooted behavioral issues, physical ailments, emotional challenges, or traumas that your beloved pet may be experiencing. You will be kindly requested to share a confidential email prior to your session, addressing what you would like help with and why. This will help Melissa better understand your pet’s needs and design a session to best support them.

Deep-dive energy work sessions combine different techniques that are specifically tailored to your pet’s needs. These may include:
Pranic Healing® is a highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine developed by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui. Working on the bioplasmic or energy body and not directly on the physical body, it detects problems and imbalances in the aura and carefully removes them to restore physical and psychological health.
Intuitive Quantum Reiki, a combination of Intuition, Reiki energy, and Quantum consciousness, allows for healing that is unique to you and your body’s needs with intuitive insights.
Energetic Allergy Healing®, developed by Kimberlie Carlson, has the power to balance the body by healing the allergies and inflammation that are connected to low vibrational emotions created by stored trauma, emotional overwhelm, and negative belief systems.
The Emotion Code®, developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, is an energy healing modality that finds and corrects the root cause of trapped emotions and imbalances for physical and emotional balance.
Spiritual Response Therapy is a process of uncovering and clearing deeply entrenched programs and subconscious beliefs that affect health, relationships, prosperity, productivity, and well-being.
European Vibrational Radiesthesia utilizes ‘pendular’ tools to detect subtle energetic interactions between energy fields, in order to identify sources of imbalances or disruptions to the energy system of a person or animal.

Animals don't believe or not believe in energy healing, they simply accept it.

- Joan Ranquet -


Animals are energetic beings and benefit from energy healing just as we do for physical, mental, and emotional issues.

Energy healing can help to ease stress, increase immunity, balance chakras, reduce pain, calm behaviors, and resolve many other issues.

Sessions are done remotely. After connecting energetically with your fur babe, I will tune into what they need most and then use a combination of modalities. The energy they receive is exactly what they require in that moment.

Animals are naturally attuned to subtle energies and will therefore sense something is happening. Most will fall asleep or go into deep relaxation. They may also start moving around the room, sit closer to you, or move away from you. Allow them the freedom to move around and adjust as needed.

When it comes to receiving long-distance energy, your pet need not take a timeout for a session. It can actually happen anytime, anywhere. That’s because the body’s cells are incredibly intelligent. They can pull in the energy and use it to activate wellness within.

This is a remote absentee session, you and your pet need not take a timeout. But if you want to have more of a connected experience, be in a space where you will not be disturbed. Make sure your pet has had the opportunity to go potty, have a drink, and perhaps a snack too. Offer them a spot to be cozy and warm. Allow them to move around, fall asleep, or do as they wish. Simply observe and take note of their actions.

Your pet may want to sleep, allowing the energies to settle in and process. Or they may be more energetic, as heavy energies have been lifted. Either way, you will witness positive shifts unfold over the upcominging days and weeks.

Each session builds upon the previous one. Sometimes one session will resolve simpler issues while several or on-going sessions are needed for more complex issues.