The Holistic Vibe

Discover the power of holistic wellbeing and energy healing for animals and their humans

Daily Rx

Daily Energy Work For Acute & Critical Situations

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

- Rumi -

Daily Rx is designed for a person or pet in need of intensive energy clearing and healing. Your daily mini session will focus on addressing your concern by clearing cords and energies that don’t belong to you, plus energy work specific to your challenge, plus balancing and stabilizing your aura/energy field.

Daily Rx 
might be the perfect fit for you if:
  • you’re experiencing an acute health issue
  • you recently experienced a traumatic event
  • you want energetic support for an important upcoming occasion
  • you want extra support to maintain your energetic boundaries
  • you simply want an energetic boost on your wellness journey

Sessions are fully-remote and do not include a report.
Daily intensive energy clearing and healing for acute and critical conditions